Our Projects
Have we mentioned that we like doing cool shit?
The Nifty Pride Foundation
Originally started simply as a Metaverse Pride Parade [the first in fact; in 2020], Nifty Pride was met with overwhelming support and established as a permanent institution supporting LGBTQ+ creators and other queer participants in the Web 3.0 space.
Its a plethora of things by now; content aggregator, NFT directory, community calendar, social network, yield farm, metaverse, and much more. The goal is to bring as much knowledge and functionality for NFTs as possible into one, unified platform; lowering the learning curve to participate in the world's fastest and farthest reaching industry.
$DOWN Social Token
An innovative and first-of-its-kind 'social token', issued by BruceTheGoose and tangibly and immutably linked to a growing vault of valuable digital assets. This is accomplished by fractionalizing an NFT that functionally contains a smart-contract wallet. The NFT [wallet] is escrowed on Fractional to issue 10mil ERC-20s representing it's ownership; 1 million of which are owned by the underlying vault.
Skull Soup
The world's first CryptoSkulls band; and one of the earliest bands to originate in the Metaverse as a purely digital experience.  Our founder, @xbrucethegoose, has nearly 30 cryptoskulls acquired over a several year commitment and with their recent resurgence, coupled with the knowledge of several Bored Apes bands; it seemed like a good opportunity for some fun.  You can currently collect their first single "5 Loko" on MintSongs.
Song NFTs
Metaverse "Gonna Make It" - Token Index
A token index issued via Set Protocol; containing a selection of the most promising Metaverse-related tokens present on the Polygon network. 
What our frens say- ❤️
Chris C.
Attorney at Law
Meeting the DappGoose Labs team opened my eyes to a world of possibilities I'd never before considered might exist. These guys are serious about making the NFT space more accessible.
$TRAsh dao
Social Experiment
This effort would not be possible without the help and support of artists from the community like @Jay_Delay, @bitttylabs, @BruceTheGoose, @DappGooseLabs and the organizers at @MuseumofCrypto

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