DappGoose Labs is community-owned,
and community first.

If you're enthusiastic about blockchain, NFTs, the future of the internet and finance, or even if you just like the idea of building a brighter future; there's a place for you within DappGoose Labs. We're doing all we can to create a community where everyone feels that they're welcome, and that they're contributing to something that matters.
DAO Application
How can we let you in if you're a stranger? 
It's totally free
By joining us in the DappGoose Labs DAO; you gain access to a variety of benefits; whether as an individual, or an organization.
Socialize with like-minded folks who're here for the same thing as you are; to discover, curate, and improve the future of our digital lives.
Unique Experience
Each member of our team has at least 5 years of legal experience. They use their knowledge to make our clients' lives better.
project support
If you have a project idea, or are already working on something, and need some advice, feedback, or extra manpower; we may be the solution.
Awesome Merch Discounts
We don't just make merch with our brand on it, we make merch that's tailored to all Web 3.0 people, regardless of branding or project involvement.  As a member of the DappGoose Labs DAO, you get discounts and the chance to have your designs added to the merch store!
IRL Events
Wherever there's an NFT conference, art festival or other relevant events, you can expect satellite event to be taking place that's hosted, sponsored, or organized by DappGoose Labs (unless no one feels like going, or we don't have the extra munnies).
Guaranteed Whitelists
Our community will always have a guaranteed spot on the whitelist for any NFT collection we release, as well as potentially getting whitelist spots on partner/collaborative projects.
Joining as an individual:
To join DappGoose Labs' DAO as an individual (meaning you're not joining on behalf of a project, company, or DAO) we request that you supply one of the following to the DAO treasury; signaling your genuine interest by having "skin in the game" (or an equivalent combination of the two)
  • 125 USDC
  • LP tokens representing 50 USDC/X (token) value in liquidity.
If at any point in the future you decide to resign from your place in the DAO, you can reclaim up to 75% of this deposit by contacting a community admin.
Joining as an organization:
If you're the representative of a project, organization, or company interested in participating in the governance and activities of the DappGoose Labs DAO; you'll be entitled to a membership for up to 10 members of your team/community by supplying one of the following to the DAO treasury (or an equivalent combination of the two)
  • 1200 USDC
  • LP tokens representing 500 USDC/X (token) value in liquidity
If at any point you decide your organization is no longer compatible with the DappGoose Labs DAO; up to 65% of the initial deposit can be reclaimed so long as all members who have joined from your organization decide to leave. If some stay, the organization will be considered to be remaining a member, and will not receive a "refund" on their initial deposit.
What does DappGoose Labs DAO do?
DappGoose Labs is an R&D studio owned by its community; meaning we don't have a great answer for what it is we actually do. We do cool shit with Web 3.0 people. Currently, we're working on or managing a few different projects; and are participants in multiple other DAOs, as well as the joint venture FOMO Garden.
Can I join the DappGoose Labs DAO?
Yes, we are an open organization, meaning that anyone can participate and contribute.  To gain voting privileges, you'll need to stake tokens. 
How do I get tokens to stake?
We offer tokens as rewards for various tasks and bounties; and while we don't assign any monetary value to the tokens, it's possible that others have created a market listing for them. 
Can I support the DAO without buying/holding tokens?
Yes! While you won't get the benefits provided to stakers who have officially joined the DAO; you can donate directly to our Gitcoin grant, or our Giveth page. 
What blockchain do you use?
Our projects utilize several blockchains, as will our research focus and future deployments; but our DAO and governance token, and utility NFTs are native to Polygon.