Tokenomics - $LABDAO / $LABGOV

The tokenomics and governance mechanics for DappGoose Labs are not yet finalized; and are currently being refined for optimal benefit to contributors of the DAO and its projects.

At present, governance and DAO membership are represented by soulbound NFTs via SuperDAO.

By hodl'ing $LABDAO, participants are able to create and vote on governance proposals related to the expansion and development of the DappGoose Labs ecosystem.
Exclusive Access
HODL'ers of $LABDAO will enjoy exclusive, token-gated access to new NFT drops, project analyses, and live event tickets. (also accessible by owners of our Genesis NFTs.
Merch discounts
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Any accumulated royalties, along with a percentage of all NFT sales, will be allocated to a community treasury; to be used for monthly buybacks used to fuel airdrops to $LABDAO hodlers.
promotional content
Use $LABDAO as a payment method to commission promotional content for your project/community, press releases, giveaway collaborations, and more.
Stake $LABDAO and gain receipts for your deposit denominated in $LABGOV; required for proposal creation and senior governance.