Who We Are
We are a growing collective of artists, developers and blockchain enthusiasts, leveraging the benefits created by acting as a DAO, to propel the Web 3.0 revolution. We believe that the current lack of education about blockchain technology is slowing its progress, and that a focus on profits is stifling innovation. As advocates for self-sovereign finance, creative empowerment and a decentralized future; we are committed to experimenting, developing, and researching unique and beneficial projects, and having a good time doing it. In the near future, we will begin to publish (and make available for download) reports on various topics from our team and third-parties; as well as in-depth explorations of our successes and failures in relation to project launches or investment calls. We don't give financial, legal or investment advice; and assign no financial value to the tokens or NFTs we create. DappGoose Labs DAO is registered in the state of Wyoming as an LLC organization; and is a founding member of the joint venture FOMO Garden.
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We've spent 2 years full-time in Web 3.0

While DappGoose Labs may function as a DAO, meaning no central entity has executive control over the protocol, there is a core team of contributors who keep the lights on and the coffee pot full. Individually, they can each boast about 2 years or more in the NFT space; collectively, they form a hivemind of epic proportions, dedicated to building tools and resources that are for humans, by humans.
Bruce Woodruff
Founder, Creative Director
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Wallace Javier
Co-Founder, Chief Coordination Officer
A Goose We Found
His name is Philip and he's lowkey pretty mean.
Jo Applegate
Co-CEO / Marketing Director
Uncle 3-Monkeys
Legal Advisor
bMad ChillYo
Get in touch with us whenever; we'll get back to you sometime. Probably.

E-mail: honk@dappgooselabs.io
HQ: 1 Mockenstrabe, Berlin, CryptoVoxels
Social neworks: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter