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DappGoose Labs is a decentralized R&D organization bringing together visionaries, artists, and engineers who are passionate about building a brighter future; by experimenting and building at the bleeding edge of NFTs, the Metaverse, and Web 3.0.
DappGoose Labs
DappGoose Labs is a Web 3.0-focused R&D studio and professional services provider forged in the primordial ether of the nascent metaverse. The infrastructure for our glorious future is being put in place; but in the mean time, feel free to check out some projects we're working on, like NFThub, Nifty Pride, and Polygoonz. Or reach out to us and say hello; we're always open to new frens and are currently forming the core contributor squad. 
We like to do cool shit.
Don't believe us?
Well, here's some cool shit we did.
A community-driven resource portal and knowledge-sharing network for all things NFT.
We can help you do cool shit too.
We can help you do cool shit too.
The Nifty Pride Foundation
The Nifty Pride Foundation
The world's first ever LGBTQ+ Pride Parade in the Metaverse, a permanent art gallery, and initiatives to support and encourage the queer participants in the Web 3.0 era.
A groundbreaking social token economics system created by/for BruceTheGoose
An NFT collection of generatiive abstract art, hand-curated for top quality works. Release date TBD.
Trash Masters
Trash Masters
An NFT marketplace dedicated to the #trashart movement.
Inspired by NFT NYC, a conference, art exhibition and decentralized celebration of the NFT ecosystem; held in Miami Beach during Art Basel.
Skull Soup
Skull Soup
A virtual band for the Metaverse, made up of CryptoSkulls (an OG NFT project from 2019)
It ain't much; but it's honest work.
We aim to provide our community, and the greater Web 3.0 ecosystems, with engaging content, valuable insights and quality of life tools; but we know all too well that if you take this space too seriously, it'll eat your lunch. So we plan to host a widespread, unique event monthly to remind us all that we're supposed to be having fun.
We publish a variety of Web 3.0 focused content, such as blogs, newsletters, videos, and interactive live "talk shows'. All members of the DappGoose Labs DAO are encouraged to submit their content to our various content outlets; or join us for interviews and spotlights.
We hold property in a growing number of Metaverse worlds, where we plan to host virtual events, concerts, conferences, and more. Plus, if yoi don't have any lands and your community/project would like to host a Metaverse event, we'll probably loan you one.
To start, we'll appoint a Play-to-Earn content director; to cover the best, worst, or most underrated happenings in the blockchain gaming ecosystem; soon after, we'll establish the Wabbajack p2e guild and scholarships program.
How We Can Help You
We're probably the right team for the job any time you're trying to do some cool shit.
Tokenomics Feedback
While we're not authorized to give any direct financial or legal advice; we are able to provide you with our impression of your token model, what we might change, and ways we'd integrate it to add utility across the Metaverse

We analyze your business model and determine the best strategy to integrate with Web 3.0 primitives. As an additional service we can make sure your team is prepared to present the advantages of cryptocurrencies and blockchain to your clients.
Custom NFT Creation
Our in-house artists and NFT degens can design and deploy your NFT project; as well as draft a roadmap and provide examples of in-demand utilities.
Community AMA's
To get your project in front of the right audience, we'll arrange an AMA within our community, to allow them to learn about your project; which we will then transcript and publish on numerous major crypto platforms.
Our community includes a wide variety of people and skillsets; in fact, members of DappGoose Labs know how to do all kinds of cool shit, like |
Our Partners
We've directly (or indirectly via our portfolio of projects) worked with teams doing some pretty cool shit.
The 'R' in R&D
When we're not doing other cool shit, we like to deep-dive projects and document our findings; because we're better at it than you.
An important factor in cryptoart history.
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